We’re embarking on a mission to cultivate a vibrant community where the aspirations and endeavours of today’s youth converge. Our purpose is to empower young minds, and foster a collaborative space that celebrates diversity, innovation, and collective growth.

We want to be a catalyst for change by providing a platform where young individuals can connect, inspire, and uplift each other. Generation Now is more than a community; it’s a dynamic force that will drive positive transformations. Our mission is to:

  1. Inspire Excellence: Encourage and celebrate excellence in various fields, and foster a culture of continuous learning and achievement.
  1. Foster Connection: Build meaningful connections among diverse individuals, transcending boundaries, and creating a network of like-minded young leaders.
  1. Amplify Voices: Provide a voice to the youth, amplify their ideas, concerns, and aspirations, and contribute to a dialogue that shapes our part of the world.
  1. Cultivate Leadership: Nurture leadership qualities, and empower young individuals to become influential leaders who drive positive change in their communities.
  1. Promote Inclusivity: Create an inclusive environment that embraces and respects diversity in all its forms, and ensure that every voice is heard and valued.
  1. Ignite Innovation: Spark innovation by encouraging creativity, curiosity, and a fearless pursuit of new ideas that challenge the status quo.
  1. Facilitate Growth: Provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities that facilitate personal and professional growth, and empower the youth to reach their full potential.

Join us in shaping a future where the energy, passion, and potential of today’s youth become the driving force behind positive change.

Member Benefits

Networking Opportunities

  • Connect with like-minded young individuals, foster meaningful relationships both personally and professionally.
  • Gain access to exclusive networking events, seminars, and workshops featuring industry leaders.

Career Development and Mentorship Opportunities

  • Job boards and career fairs connecting you with internship and job opportunities.
  • Mentorship programmes linking you with experienced professionals in your field of interest.

Events and Activities

  • Priority access to community events and gatherings.
  • Special invitations to members-only events.

Exclusive Discounts

  • Enjoy discounts from partner brands – covering lifestyle, entertainment, and professional services.
  • Access to members-only promotions and deals.

Community Support

  • Engage with fellow members through our exclusive community.
  • Participate in discussions, share insights, and collaborate on projects.
  • Access to a support network for guidance, advice, and encouragement.
  • Opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community.

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