The Greatness Walk

The GREATNESS WALK is a multi-media effort to create awareness not only for the EMY Awards but to symbolize the impetus and perseverance that signal great achievement. A journey of a mile begins with a step. Achievement is the sum total of the foresight, effort, determination and focus that drive the dream.  It is also for health, wellness and networking as well.

The symbolism of starting and finishing, enacted by a good number of people from all walks of life, from the East Legon Executive Fitness Club House near East Legon police station through strategically placed routes in East Legon and back will send home greatly the EMY AFRICA AWARDS tag of INSPIRING GREATNESS. The GREATNESS WALK is themed KEEP WALKING GHANA. The event is scheduled for Saturday, 2nd June 2018. There will be a free health screening and education for all middle aged male attendees.

The event is in partnership with the East Legon Executive Fitness Club, Accra Friendship Club and the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship. All these great groups have won the “Men Group of the Year” Award at the EMY AFRICA AWARDS.

Exclusive Men Of The Year Africa Awards 2017

Exclusive Men Of The Year Africa Awards 2017

The 2nd edition of Exclusive Men Of The Year Africa Awards

Greatness Walk

Greatness Walk

The Greatness Walk took place yesterday