• EMY AFRICA Awards is a prestigious annual fathers day related event that celebrates men and fathers of steel and zeal.
  • EMY AFRICA Awards will honour men whose passion and dedication have rolled out major landmarks in the development and progress of our families, societies and the nation at large.
  • Winners will receive the EMY AFRICA Awards as a mark of their excellence.
  • The EMY AFRICA Awards will encourage and inspire the coming generation of men to be responsible and dedicated.



From shortlisting to assessment and finally winner selection, our would–be recipients are subjected to the highest standards of scrutiny and evaluation. The process is fair, firm and ultimately robust.

Powered by a select team of eminent professionals, experienced evaluators, supported by our event statisticians and the EMY Secretariat, our faculty is mandated to deliver the following:

  • Review all certified entries
  • Delibrate on and select honorary award winners
  • Select four (4) nominees (or more if necessary) for each of the competitive awards categories and return it for public and peer voting.
  • Supervise the collation of incoming public and peer voting figures.
  • Nomination can be done be filling the online forms or sending your nominations via email to



The Faculty of the EXCLUSIVE MEN OF THE YEAR AWARDS – EMY  AFRICA AWARDS is a technical team of eminent members, strategically drawn from diverse corporate and social backgrounds to oversee the collection, collation and aggregation of nominations from across the country for this competitive awards.

The work of the faculty shall be aided by our event statisticians and the EMY Secretariat who shall make available to the faculty, all entries from the public after background check, screening and short listing.

The mandate of the FACULTY to SUPERVISE AND SELECT FINAL AWARDEES will be factored;

  • To discuss and format the Modus Operandi for the adjudicatory process
  • To supervise and shortlist four nominees for each competitive category
  • To determine the winning candidate for each competitive category.
  • Scoring will be 40 per cent for public and 60 percent technical made up of expert and faculty vote.
  • HONORARY Award winners will be notified at least 2 weeks to the event and invited to accept their award.