New year’s here. We’ve got 366 swings to make it count. Given the fact that a lot of people stare into the year with trepidation and barely a whiff of enthusiasm — mostly due to the hopelessness around the world and the global economic downturn — it’s important to remind ourselves that hope still persists. I am therefore delighted to present to you a collection of human stories that bring the concept of striving on to belief. This issue is anything but pale and half-hearted. We bring to you stories that have been enthralling to piece together, and will be all that and more to read. 

First up is our cover star. Man of the Year, Alex Apau Dadey’s story is a parable for fledglings — young people who seek positive influences in their lives, or who seek those carrying a message of hard work, honesty, dedication and kindness. Alex Dadey has through his projects and deeds emerged the quintessential gentleman to whom others look up to. A world without the qualities he possesses would spin ever so slowly, and I encourage you to turn to his article to find out how he turned out to be the man that he is. 

If the pace has been set, it is maintained in our interview with the TV personality of the moment, Berla Mundi. She’s segued elegantly from one achievement to another. She shows us that hard work really does pay off. 

Elsewhere, I have a sit-down with Beatrice Agyemang, whose meteoric rise and handling of one of the leading media companies in Ghana earned her the Woman of the Year award. 

The wonderful stories are aplenty in these pages. We took a look at the lives of legends — Asamoah Gyan and Ablade Glover — as well as people making international strides, such as Fred Swaniker, Mr Eazi, Cobhams Asoquo, Black Sherif, and Mohammed Kudus. 

We also pondered on the successes of the EMY Africa brand. 2023 ushered in a period of growth for us. I can imagine many of our readers saw the strides and thought to themselves, ‘how do these people do it’? I’ll tell you. Grit and perseverance. We’re not afraid to fail, and we try, as much as possible to keep going when we do. If you need a little bit of geeing up or a smidgen of inspiration, this issue’s run-through of our hot streak should be an igniter. 

As you can tell, we’ve coordinated this issue in one direction. We daresay that every turn of a page will lead you in worthwhile direction, and however you consume it, we hope you stay inspired. Our society is better off for it. Enjoy the issue. 



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