Although modern styles have become more diverse, the power to shape what is popping and fashionable remains in the hands of a select few who fearlessly push the boundaries of convention.

PHOTO BY: Gus Sarkodee

The Renaissance Era, The Victorian Era, Baroque, Rococo… Every era has them. People whose style choices transcended personal, and dictated what was “en vogue”. They were the tastemakers of their time, recognised and revered for their keen eye and influential choices. As we navigate the ever-evolving world of fashion, we find ourselves surrounded by a new generation of tastemakers, carrying the torch of their predecessors into the present day. Although modern styles have become more diverse, the power to shape what is popping and fashionable remains in the hands of a select few who fearlessly push the boundaries of convention.


PHOTO BY: Gus Sarkodee

If you’ve been active on Twitter in the past three years, chances are you’ve come across a tweet from a woman that expresses some variation of the sentiment, “I need this in every colour!”. Nine out of ten times, you are sure to discover that the tweet was inspired by a piece from SwimsByDidi. Founded by Darkor Ofosu-Dorte, SwimsByDidi is all about celebrating individuality and empowering women to be comfortable in their skin. With vibrant colours, innovative styles, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, SwimsByDidi is rewriting the rules and giving a whole new meaning to making a splash. 

And while the brand is all about freedom, it was ironically born out of frustration. Darkor created the first SwimsByDidi piece because she constantly struggled to find bikinis that fit comfortably. After discovering the sense of liberation that came with wearing a perfect fitting swimsuit, she knew it was a sensation that she wanted to share with the world. Thus, the “dikini” was born. Darkor’s goal was to challenge traditional beauty standards by creating swimwear that celebrated the uniqueness of each individual. And by all standards, she has been doing just that. In 2022, SwimsByDidi launched the Self-Love campaign that captured the essence of the brand. The message was simple. Every body is beautiful. 

The SwimsByDidi brand has grown by leaps and bounds since the first dikini. The original, long-stringed two-piece version is an undeniable classic, but today, dikinis comes in various styles that are tailor-made to suit the wearer. The pieces have become such an integral part of Ghanaian pop-culture, that you often find young people referring to any type of bikini as a dikini. SwimsByDidi may be relatively new to the world of swimwear, but its impact and influence are undeniable. With its unique approach to design and marketing, SwimsByDidi has become synonymous with confidence, empowerment, and honouring individual uniqueness, and as its popularity only continues to grow, one thing is clear: SwimsByDidi is here to stay. 


PHOTO BY: Gus Sarkodee

A Tribe embodies a profound sense of belonging, where shared experiences and values unite individuals on a collective journey towards a greater purpose. At its core, the essence of a tribe is a simple yet powerful message: the assurance that you are never alone. 

Tie this message into authentic fashion, and you have Tribe of God. Established ten years ago by three friends Jude, Emmanuel and George, TOG represents the expression of lessons learnt on a Christian journey incorporated into fashion. They recognise that the struggles they face are not unique to them, and the pieces they produce are a tactile and visual reminder to young people of the strength that lies in community. 

Although TOG was founded to fill in a gap that had been identified in Christian fashion, the brand is more than just selling clothes. “There’s a difference between building a brand and selling clothes. People don’t simply buy clothes anymore. They buy a lifestyle. And people are more willing to accept the lifestyle you’re presenting to them if you’re actually living it. And we don’t claim to be perfect, but we walk in the message we present.” 

And just like our Heavenly Father who is able to use anyone according to His purpose, TOG embraces a similar ethos. Any product that isn’t immediately used is carefully preserved for future use, and those that sustain damage in production are repurposed for an entirely new piece. By embracing sustainability, and cherishing the inherent value in every design element, TOG not only delivers captivating fashion but also encourages a mindset of conscious consumption in the celebration of faith. 

Phil & Joe Shoe Company

Phil & Joe Shoe Company was founded out of a desire to produce top notch shoes that boost confidence without breaking the bank. The mission? To make shoes that stand out for their comfort, style, and craftsmanship, and not just because they were made in Ghana. And they have been knocking it out of the park. Today, the shoes they produce rival those made by international luxury brands, and yet remain accessible to the average Joe. 

And while the shoes are made in Ghana, the inspiration that births them knows no geographical bounds. “We find inspiration in art, architecture, nature, and even everyday moments. Traveling to different places exposes us to diverse cultures and styles, which often sparks creativity. We also draw inspiration from the materials themselves— the textures, colours, and patterns. It’s about taking these influences and infusing them into our designs, creating something unique and captivating.” 

They also take the feedback that they receive from their clients and fuse it with their creative vision, which further elevates the quality of their shoes. 

Phil & Joe is big on ethical production and sustainability. “We prioritise responsible sourcing of materials and strive to minimise our environmental footprint. We carefully select suppliers who share our values and ensure that our production processes adhere to ethical standards. Additionally, we explore ways to incorporate sustainable materials and innovative techniques into our designs without compromising on quality or style. We also encourage conscious consumption by promoting the longevity of our products.” 

And the work goes on. In spite of a limited access to resources, fluctuating market conditions, and challenges with infrastructural development, Phil and Joe maintains an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation and elevating the brand. For them, giving customers the ultimate customer experience makes it worth it. “At Phil & Joe Shoe Company, it’s not just about selling a product; it’s about selling an experience. We strive to create a connection with our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and providing a personalised touch.” 


Let’s play a game of riddles: what fashion items are an absolute faux pas for warmer climates? If your guess was jackets, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. In a world where innovators are few and far between, Studio.KojoKusi presents a ground-breaking and innovating concept: cool jackets for warm weather. 

As founder and Creative Director of the brand, Clement Kojo Kusi believes in freedom of self-expression as a gateway to happiness. His mantra is simple: wear anything you’re comfortable in. He draws inspiration from emotion and is driven by an urge to innovate and experiment. But he doesn’t just experiment for the sake of it…every piece is a representation of his vision as an artist and carries an emotional connection to its creator. 

And while Studio.KojoKusi continues to grow and establish itself in the Ghanaian fashion space, the ascent is not without its challenges. One such hurdle lies in difficulty in procuring materials for production, which significantly drives up production costs. Furthermore, the inherent risk of marketing jackets in a warm climate adds an extra layer of complexity to the equation. 

But Clement takes it all in his stride. “So far so good but there’s still more to come in the future. I look forward to exhibition shows and possibly having some of my pieces in a museum some time soon. The future of the fashion industry in Ghana is an exciting one and it’s only commencing.”


PHOTO BY: Gus Sarkodee

If elegance had a fairy-tale romance with colour, Silk and Satin Co. would be the lovechild of their union. Founded by Nadia Vanderpuye, the brand is on a quest to strike the perfect balance between grunge street style and elevated casuals. 

Nadia’s initial idea for her brand was a menswear brand that produced suits. Her plan was to finish National Service and then attend fashion school, where she would acquire the necessary skills to bring her menswear vision to life. However, a chance encounter with a Batik tie-dye seller, marked the turning point that set her on the path to the Silk and Satin Co. brand we know and love today. She eventually met Suleiman, who taught her how to dye, and who became an invaluable member of her team. 

Since its inception, as Nadia has remained committed to producing beautiful pieces that align with the vision of Silk and Satin Co., while prioritising the needs of its clientele. “This is a big challenge for any creative who creates not just for the purpose of consumption, but for the purpose of creating art they love with the hopes that others will love it too. For me, I combine flexibility and discipline. I will not hop on the latest trend just to sell, but I’m flexible enough to listen to my customers to create something that they would love which is still in line with what the brand represents.” And when it comes to style, comfort is non-negotiable. “Comfort first. Get more basics, style them up. And most importantly, do what works for you.” 

Nadia’s creative process is heavily influenced by music, and it is therefore little wonder that the pieces she makes showcase an effortless symphony of colour. Regardless of the season, a Silk and Satin piece exudes an elegance that resonates with individuals that appreciate timeless fashion. 



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