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“For people with wanderlust, like myself, who’ve had to tuck their passports, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to see some of the fine destinations our very own country has to offer.”

The situation around the world is changing drastically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. Here in Ghana, flights are suspended until further notice, except for returning nationals who, upon arrival, are subject to medical screening and must self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. 

Lou Moon Luxury Resort

Accra and the other major cities have some nice spots but if you’re looking for a serene place or trying to get away from all the big city noise, the coast is where it’s at. The Western and Volta Regions have some of the best and serene coastlines. Take Lou Moon Luxury Resort for example. From massages on the beach to private chalet and villa pools to private butlers, this resort is perfect for family holidays and romantic getaways. 

Dubbed by many as one of the best resorts in the country, perhaps what makes Lou Moon exceptional is the freedom of options it gives you. You can choose to house up in your island villa and get serenaded by crashing waves, or you can engage in the many activities the resort offers you: touring, boat rides, archery, paddle boarding etc. 

Beyin Beach 

Another beautiful place in the Western Region to visit is Beyin Beach. Named one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa according to CNN, Beyin Beach is a traveller’s paradise. Think of miles of tall coconut trees lined along the pristine beaches for miles on end. 

Beyin is approximately 6 hours from Accra, the capital of Ghana and 2 hours away from Takoradi. From Accra, you can board one of the daily 45-minute flights to Takoradi and charter a taxi to Beyin Beach from the Takoradi Airport or Market Circle. Another more fun option, is to embark on a road trip with some friends. You could also catch a bus. The STC bus located at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra offers direct daily transportation to the junction that leads to Beyin Beach. 

There are multiple little hospitality facilities lined along the beaches in Beyin. The most prominent being Maaha Beach Resort.  Maaha Beach Resort, an eco-friendly lodge swathed in the peaceful coconut grove overlooking the pristine beach, is the place to visit if you want some peace and quiet. It has wooden chalets and rondavel architecture located over the lush green lawns, and layered paths that stretch down to the beach. It’s breath-taking! 

The Volta Region also has some very fine destinations to offer. The three places that quickly come to mind are Ada Foah, Dzita and Akosombo Archipelago.

Ada Foah

Ada Foah is a fishing town located at the estuary of the Volta river making it the perfect merge of a beach and lake getaway. It is surrounded by an archipelago of islands which are beautifully lined with coconut trees.  It’s honestly one of the best locations to island hop in Ghana. 

It’s quite easy to get there too. Ada is approximately an hour and a half from the Accra Mall. A taxi can be chartered from the Accra Mall directly to any location in Ada Foah for under 70 USD.

There are quite a number of places you can stay when you get there. Ada Foah is home to a myriad of hotels and other hospitality facilities. It would be in your best interest to book via Airbnb, Expedia or Booking.com. There is however a huge resort called Aqua Safari located in Ada where you can indulge in non-resident resort activities.

Jet-skiing is a popular activity in Ada. Aqua Safari resort offers a myriad of water sport activities such as sailing, fly boarding, and jet-skiing for rent. Also, while island hopping, you can opt to explore Alcohol Island where you can experience the extraction and distillation of alcohol from sugar cane.

Akosombo Archipelago 

Akosombo, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, boasts of an archipelago of islands topped with hills that give you a Seychellois vibe. An afternoon or weekend spent at Akosombo is always worth the trip. You are bound to be blown away by this non-touristy location.

Akosombo is approximately an hour and a half from Accra Mall. One can charter a taxi from Accra Mall directly to any location in Akosombo for under 80 USD or better yet drive there with a couple of friends.

In recent years, multiple resorts and hotels have opened in Akosombo. A major one is The Royal Senchi resort. This resort may be quite expensive for some, so if you’re trying to penny-pinch, you can book relatively cheaper hotels via Expedia.  The Royal Senchi serves as a good location to indulge in a nice Sunday buffet which includes both local and continental African dishes.

There are a lot of things you could do while at Akosombo. At the Maritime Club House, you can join a boat trip to tour the islands. The club house also offers amazing tilapia dishes for lunch. You can also rent a kayak or a boat from The Royal Senchi and enjoy an afternoon kayak or trip to the Adomi bridge which is the longest overwater bridge in Ghana.

Dzita, Keta

Dzita is a surfer’s paradise and a hideout for surfers who are chasing the swell along the coast of Africa, from Cape town in South Africa down to coasts of Ghana.  Rumour has it that the swell in Keta is the secret unending swell known among surfers in Africa.

Accommodation in Keta is quite limited as compared to other parts of Ghana. Meet Me There African Home Lodge is a popular lodge among surfers. It has rustic decor and presents itself as a merge between a hostel and a hotel – a middle ground for backpackers and hotel lovers. Aborigine Resort is another resort just steps away from the beach. It’s little upscale as compared to Meet Me There. 

These locations do not need to be ‘sold’: their growing fame as destinations is partly due to the lottery of weather and serenity away from regular life. Moreover, the resorts and restaurants there tend to not get complacent with customers. 

Published in the print edition of the September 2020, Awards issue of the EMY Africa Magazine, with the headline “Way To Go.”

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5th Annual EMY Awards – Voting opens June 5th 2020

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